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The Afrikan Research Initiative (ARI) is a Non-Governmental Organisation that was founded in 2019 by Thabo Tlou Mabuka, Mthokozisi Sithole, and Thabo Yiga. The Co-founders are engineers who have the vision to contribute to scientific research in Africa. We also have the vision to provide a more sustainable research model that allows for the sustainable growth of Africa. ARI’s mission is to provide a platform for African youth to take part in scientific research that is Afrocentric.


We are pioneers in online research platforms researching with members across Africa. Our research projects are developed based on community outreach and fulfilling the gap in scientific information in Africa. Our proposed solution to fulfill the gap in scientific information in Africa is through the development, use, and training of data science which includes database, data, and statistical programming, systems, and application development in research projects. Our research projects are multi-disciplinary including health, economics, and environmental science. We believe that increased research skills and data access especially amongst the youthful population of Africa will improve research and innovation in Africa.

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